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Friday, February 17, 2023

Grace Evened Things Out

Kariuki's prayer Update .


Nov 2022

Dear Praying Friends,

It has been a trying few months interspersed with rays of divine intervention and grace. Health wise, Jo and the girls have really struggled with asthma and allergies during this time of year with lots of dust and pollen. Jo is doing better, but the girls still have lingering coughs. Zack and Moses, for the most part, are doing well. The dust is worse than usual this year due to prolonged drought - we haven’t had good rains for 4 years in a row. In addition to many families facing food insecurity, in the north camels and other livestock are starving, while wildlife in Tsavo and livestock in Masai land were also heavily impacted. Thanks be to God for consistent light rains in the last two weeks covering most of the country. We are praying for good rains for the next harvest to be plentiful.


Grace has been in the continued provision in these very challenging times as we have lost quite a bit of financial support with the global economic crisis. We are thankful for several unexpected gifts which have evened things out, enabling Moses’ continued travel for ministry and training of laborers for the kingdom.

Moses has had his pastoral plate full with many of our staff facing challenges in Chad and Kenya. Chad has had unprecedented floods and political violence. Demonstrators agitating for democratic representation were met with extreme force from government forces with many killed and others hospitalized with gunshot wounds. As we write this the government has imposed a dusk to dawn curfew in all the major towns in Chad.
Moses has also been called upon to provide insight and counsel to quite a few members of our extended YWAM family who are facing personal and vocational challenges during this season. Prayers for wisdom and continued grace much appreciated!


We have been praying for Joshua to come to Kenya for Christmas and we are thankful to have his ticket booked and plans in place! We have missed this boy and the siblings can hardly wait for their brother to visit. It will be a short visit but hopefully enough time for him to recharge and for us to enjoy his presence.


Please pray;

o    For Zack who will be starting his final year of high school in January
o    For our sister-in-law who is recovering from a stroke
For sufficient rain to both mitigate and avert further drought and consequent famine in the region
o    For peace and stability in Chad
o    For comfort for families in Chad that lost loved ones (the Toralta and Mbaingera  families)
o    That we have every provision for the good work that He calls us to do.
Thank you for your faithful partnership with us in the Kingdom,
Moses & Jo

Monday, September 19, 2022

Pray for Rains

Dear praying friends,

Yesterday Moses spent the better part of the day in phone calls to Masai Pastors from Kajiado County in Southern Rift Valley Kenya. There has not been rains since last October and this has affected their lives drastically and they are now experiencing famine and severe drought resulting in loss of herds of cattle and other livestock. Farmers have also experienced reduced grain harvest due to the same shortage of rains and so food stuff

(Eastern and southern Africa were hit hard last year by drought exacerbated by El NiƱo – a warming of sea-surface temperatures in the Pacific Ocean – that wilted crops, slowed economic growth and drove food prices higher.)

Please join us in crying to God for rains and better harvest as food has become extremely expensive and many communities are suffering. The church has an incredible opportunity to show compassion and bring relief and show forth the mercies of our Lord.

On another note, a friend let me know that they just received our May newsletter in South Africa, in case you missed it here is a link to the same

Thank you for standing with us prayerfully.


Friday, September 9, 2022

Would You Trade Your Soul


 Kariuki News

For what shall it profit a man to gain the whole world but lose his soul (Mark 8:36)



What would you trade your soul for? That was the question Moses posed recently in a sermon at our church just after the August national elections. At a time when people easily can forget their primary allegiance to the Kingdom due to partisan politics, it was a good reminder to focus on things that last. The yoke the Lord gives us is easy and not cumbersome. The last few months have been a bit tense with Kenyan campaigning and elections, with lots of strong opinions and passionate viewpoints being argued.  Thanks be to God for a mostly peaceful election season where 50% of the leaders were replaced. The presidential election was contested and taken to the Supreme Court who upheld the electoral commission results. All the leaders have been sworn in and we continue to pray that God will grant them wisdom and fear of God to lead diligently.

Right after the August elections Moses went across the border to Tanzania to teach and prepare a Discipleship Training School class for field assignment. The week went quickly as the team interacted and discovered more about missions, evangelism, and a life of faith. The Worship focus DTS team was composed of leaders intent on manifesting Gods presence wherever He sends them. One of the students sold bananas to fund her studies and outreach. She was very encouraged to hear of the dignity of “tent-making” to advance the kingdom and motivated many fellow students.

Our focus continues to be training and investing in young people, and it is such a joy to spend time with the next generation of world-changers.

Jo took a few weeks to visit the US in June and July. Although the family couldn’t travel with her, it was a wonderful (although very short!) time to reconnect with family and friends, especially Josh (of course!) and her younger brother and family who she hadn’t seen since 2018. After the “summer” break, she’s prepared manuals for a new women’s Bible study on 1Samuel, which they have just began. We’re so thankful for new friendships and the fellowship this group has facilitated.

The 2022 school year for our kids (and all Kenyan students) was rather accelerated as the first few months were spent completing the 2021 curriculum. It has flown by, and our teens are looking forward to completing the school year in November and (finally!) returning to a more normal school calendar next year. It’s a joy to see them growing in skill and confidence, whether in academics, football, piano, or art. Please pray especially for Zack for diligence and future direction as he starts his final year of high school in January.


After a summer spent with Jo’s brother and family in Wisconsin, working at FedEx, Josh has started his second year at Messiah University. As with last year he’s very involved in the International and African Student Unions. We are all looking forward to a visit from him over Christmas break. Phone calls and messages just aren’t quite the same as having the big brother in the house!

Thank you for your partnership in the Kingdom,

~ Moses & Jo



Please pray with us:

·       For upcoming ministry and teaching in Kenya and the region.

·       For Josh to find affordable transport (he’s looking for a motorcycle that fits his 6’5” height.)

·       For rain: The Masai pastors Moses was training recently and their congregants have lost a lot of their livestock to drought. We desperately need rains to come to avert even worse famine. Lord, have mercy!

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