Tuesday, December 13, 2016

The government will be upon His shoulders

For a child will be born to us, a son will be given to us; and the government will rest on His shoulders; and His name will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Eternal Father, Prince of Peace. Isaiah 9:6

Dear Friends,
This will be my (Moses’) 50th Christmas and Jo’s 45th.  We have together celebrated 93 Noels.  What is special about Noel?  For many it is the gifts they get and get to give.  For others it is the gift of salvation that God’s begotten Son purchased with His own blood.  But it is important to remember the political nature of His advent.  The government shall be upon His shoulders!  Though His reign is here but not yet in its full realization, His is the only reign that is everlasting. “Although He existed in the form of God, did not regard equality with God a thing to be grasped, but emptied Himself, taking the form of a bond-servant, and being made in the likeness of men” (Philippians 2:6-7). 

He came as the Son of God—God in human flesh—to conquer sin and death forever.  Daniel prophesied, 2:44  “In the days of those kings the God of heaven will set up a kingdom which will never be destroyed, and that kingdom will not be left for another people; it will crush and put an end to all these kingdoms, but it will itself endure forever.  We recognize the failure of human solutions.  What man can’t do, God has done; He’s given the Messiah. Psalms 2:12 Kiss his son, or he will be angry and your way will lead to your destruction, for his wrath can flare up in a moment. Blessed are all who take refuge in him.   Merry Christmas as we jointly invite the lost world to take refuge in Jesus!

On the ministry front, We have been blessed to serve the body of Christ both in Kenya and Internationally, teaching and preaching on a regular basis.  In Kenya, Moses continues to assist in consulting  for a missions board for our home church, a local denomination (FPFK, Free Pentecostal Fellowships of Kenya). They are a former Scandinavian Lutheran Mission that became Charismatic and has started over 197 local churches.  They want to go to the least and the unreached globally.  Our prayer is to see the Kenyan church continue to rise up and impact the nations.   

YWAM-wise, Moses stepped down from North Africa Regional eldership at the June meeting in Spain to focus more on Family and Graduate Studies at Fuller Theological Seminary. He is still involved as a resource person for YWAM Chad and also here in the East Africa region.  He taught at the Summer DTS in Sarh, Chad and spent quality time with National Leadership and staff recently. We are excited to see the next phase of the work in Chad, as we continue to challenge Christians here in Kenya to be 'world-changers.'

As a family, we enjoyed our time in US, although it flew by far too quickly.   On our return, Joshua sat the KCPE exams in preparation for High School and is already accepted at a Christian high school near us.  Zachary, Marianna and Katie are adjusting well to Swahili and excelling in academics.  The girls are near top of their class in recent exams.  Zack has struggled the most with our transition to a different academic system, but he is getting there through prayer.  Thank you for your prayers as we continue to serve.

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and  Happy 2017!

 Moses & Jo, Josh, Zack, Marianna & Katelyn Kariuki ~~ P.O. Box 4323-00200, Nairobi, KENYA ~~ email: mosesnjo(at)gmail.com


Friday, June 24, 2016

Multiplying for Missions

Challenging the church to see opportunities,
Equipping believers to be salt and light,
for Missions!

Mobilizing Christians to GO!
Moses & Jo Kariuki – YWAM Missionaries in Kenya & N. Africa

As the family begin to settle and thrive in this new season, we are thankful for the open doors God has given us! It is, as always, a joy to be part of the Kingdom!

Multiplying for Missions – It’s been a privilege for Moses to teach at two Discipleship Training Schools here in YWAM Kenya. During the month of April the children had a 3 1/2 week break (between terms) from school and it was great to be able to do a bit of travelling together - we were able to go as a family and stay at the YWAM base when Moses taught on "The character and nature of God," in the Discipleship Training School at Athi River, just outside of Nairobi, about two hours from our home. Moses also travelled to Mombasa in May for a week, where he taught on Biblical Worldview, and was able to baptize 13 students in the Indian Ocean.

Stirring up the church - We have also been networking with local churches quite a bit, Moses was asked to assist with forming a missions board 'vision/policy' at our home denomination here, which is a work in progress, and of course many invitations to share on Sunday mornings. Also a joy to do a seminar with a Tent-making "Missions-Focus group" from our home church on Kingdom Economics. We are also thankful that Moses' trip to Tanzania to teach in a local church there with Jo's brother went well and was a fruitful time.

The Harvest awaits - in the Sahel and the Maghreb. Chad is continually in our hearts, and we are thankful that the presidential elections, although quite tense, were peaceful. Our staff there are preparing for another DTS this summer. Moses will spend a few weeks with them in July, after attending a North Africa regional leadership meeting followed by a staff conference in Spain.

Kenya Location - As we continue to “find our feet,” in life and ministry here in Kenya, we are thankful. The children have settled into school and begun to make friends and excel in school work. We are so proud of their hard work and willing attitude in all the transitions they have navigated. Our vision to serve across the continent consulting, speaking, Mentoring and Mobilizing continues to unfold

In August, we plan to travel to the US, and look forward to seeing friends and family there. Due to the children’s school schedule, our time there will be fairly short – but we hope to pack it full of friends and family time. We appreciate prayers for provision for Tickets and Travel needs.

Thanks so much for your love, prayers and support!!

Moses and Jo

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Expanded Vision

“Enlarge the place of your tent, And let them stretch out the curtains of your dwellings; Do not spare; Lengthen your cords, And strengthen your stakes. For you shall expand to the right and to the left,
And your descendants will inherit the nations, And make the desolate cities inhabited.
   Isaiah 54:2,3 (NKJV)

The Kariuki’s have moved – we are now based in Nairobi, Kenya. We are expanding our territory... still focusing on developing the team and campus in Chad, but also other countries in the region as well. Nairobi is practical for the children’s schooling and great hub for traveling to Chad and the North/Central region and beyond.

As shared in our last newsletter (posted at mosesnjo.blogspot.com ,) our priorities are still in the North Africa region and we plan for Moses to make his first trip back within the next few months. He will be travelling back and forth to Chad to help oversee construction in Sarh and to be a resource teacher in schools as needed in Chad, as well as being more available for Niger and the rest of North/Central region. YWAM international has proposed a new structure to focus on the unreached and we are looking at the proposed Chad, Niger and Lbya area closely to see how we can partner more for the many unreached people to hear the Gospel. Of course we are already seeing open doors for ministry here in Kenya, which we will pursue as time allows, but our first priority continues to be Chad and the region around it.

Moving Miracles - After living in Sarh almost 13 years, the thought of packing, moving, and starting over again in Nairobi was pretty stressful/exhausting. To be honest, we are all stretched and still adjusting, yet we have seen God’s grace and provision in many ways:
Elin, our kids’ volunteer teacher, who was with us in 2012-14, came from Portland, Oregon for three weeks to help us pack and move things to the base, keep us smiling and organized.  We love you, Elin!
We stayed with Moses’s sister Winnie for almost six weeks, before moving into our own (rented) place in mid-December. We still have a few pieces which are not completely unpacked, as we settle in to life here.
After looking for a good rental home, estate agents trying to con us (thankfully we didn’t lose any money before we realized they weren’t the actual owners of the property!) we found a 3 bedroom rental in a quiet neighborhood where the kids have space to play, and school ten minutes away. We are blessed.
We are enjoying having family and friends close by. We are especially thankful for the way so many have eased our transition into life here – helping find our home, furniture, loaning a vehicle, stocking our pantry.

The children began school the first week of January (beginning of the school year here.) It is a huge adjustment to a long school day, and different culture and curriculum. It’s a big challenge, but they are all doing well, making friends and keeping a positive attitude so far. Thank you for your prayers, please continue to lift this transition, that we would all thrive where God has planted us, and be a blessing and light to those around us.

The team in Chad is a great encouragement to us - we have confidence in Elie’s and Margaret’s leadership in Sarh, Jonathan pioneering in N'Djamena and Adele’s representation in GozBeida. Mirom, for health reasons has to be in N'Djamena and Herve, due to support struggles, is taking time off to Tent make and work on his support base. Our other leader Enoch is pastoring a church in N'Djamena but still helping in our leadership circle. Kainbe and his wife are running a Clinic in the town of Bejondo but he is available for YWAM work whenever needed, and has been a big blessing. Another DTS graduate, Timothy, has made great headways church planting among the Ritopeople. All these are people we are excited to continue mentoring, serving, and coming alongside in every way God permits even as we embrace the enlarged territory. The Campus construction project first phase is almost done and we are excited about starting working on phase two as God provides.

Needless to say, the transition back to Kenya as a base is stretching us faith-wise. We are excited to see how God will provide for the travels and partnerships in the region and across the Nations as He opens door to share, motivate, train and recruit for the great task in the Harvest. Thank you for being part of our calling and ministry through your prayers and support.

Moses & Jo, Josh, Zack, Marianna & Katelyn Kariuki

P.O. Box 4323-00200, City Square, Nairobi, KENYA
Moses Cell +254-735-120597 ~ Jo Cell +254-735-501551 


Thursday, September 17, 2015

Enthusiastic About Sharing Him

The harvest season is beginning here in Chad.  What does harvest mean to you?  The Apostle Paul said, in 1 Cor. 3:7,
“It’s not the one who plants or the one who waters who is at the center of this process, but God, who makes things grow.” (The Message)

  It’s wonderful to enjoy the physical fruit of our (and many others’) labor this time of year, but we are even more thankful to see the growth and fruit of the seeds we have planted in ministry here in Chad.  God is faithful.

These beautiful people were all participants or staff of our Summer of Service in June.  We had a wonderful time together in the word, worship, fun, and outreach in the local villages and outskirts of Sarh.  It is always refreshing and encouraging to be part of worship and outreach with youth who are hungry for God and enthusiastic about sharing him!

We’ve had a lot of opportunity to sow seeds lately.  Moses has had invitations to teach and preach in local churches on a weekly basis.  Our Discipleship Training School graduated in June, and Moses just completed a short seminar on faith and finances, with good attendance from several local churches.

Work has continued with our fourth building at the training center.  We bless Herve, who worked very hard in the operations department and is now taking a break for 'tent making' to meet some urgent needs of his family. It’s so good to see the progress and pray for finishing touches that are needed.  ‘Village des Nations’ is becoming just that – a little village where many are being trained and sent out.

Family Transition – a move to Kenya, but Chad hasn’t seen the last of us yet!  As we have mentioned in our last newsletter, we have been considering a move in order to put the children in school.  We feel like the Lord is leading us to be based in Kenya for now, and plan to move the end of the year.  Chad is still in our hearts, and will continue to be a priority for us, and Moses will travel and serve as needed

Transitions are always tricky times… We are looking forward to our move, but Jo & Kids will also dearly miss our home, friends and Chadian family here especially when Moses travels back and forth.  We are excited about getting the kids in school, but will miss the flexibility that 'home school' has given us.   Grieving and anticipation, loss and expectation,  excitement at what God has in store, all mingle together to make a bittersweet time of our last few months living here.

Pray with us
Pray for Chad - We continue to pray for peace and security in our region.  In June and July, our capital city of N’Djamena was hit several times by suicide bombers.  Pray that those who are bent on destruction will be stopped, and for those who lost loved ones or who were injured in the attacks.
Pray for our family - as we plan, process, pack, say our ‘see-you-later’s, travel, and adjust.  Pray also for provision – as we look for a home to rent and vehicle, and get settled in Kenya.  Pray especially that the transition to Kenyan schools will go smoothly for the children and that they will thrive
Pray for our team here, that as they continue to serve, they will be greatly used by the Lord and see Him in new ways in their lives and ministry. That God will call more laborers into this harvest fields.

Until all have heard,
Moses & Jo, Josh, Zack, Marianna & Katelyn Kariuki

Monday, June 1, 2015

We Stand Amazed

2015 is flying by, and we stand amazed at the way the Lord has been with us.  In our day to day activities, we continue with what He has put before us in Chad; helping recruit for 2015 Discipleship Training School, recruiting staff for our upcoming  Crossroads DTS and preaching and teaching in local churches.   This summer we are looking forward to our second Crossroads DTS.  A Summer of Service Youth Camp is also planned.  Home school is more challenging as Jo teaches without a volunteer (We miss Elin!)  Josh is preparing for High School as the siblings advance, too.  We need wisdom as we pray about moving so that the kids’ educational needs can be met, while Moses can travel back and forth to continue serving the mission both in Chad and in the region.

Blessings to us included a visit by our Crossroads Freeport (Illinois) friends, Pas. Jon Eastlick & Randy Haglund.  Jon spoke at a Missions Seminar and taught on our DTS while Randy did amazing Photography and intercession.  
After Moses’ trips our friend Jared Osborne came for 8 weeks to serve at the base and hang out with the family on the weekends.  Our Korean colleague Jacob (serving in Niger) came for 10 days and also spoke at the DTS while prayerfully sharing regional joys and challenges with Moses... the kids had a blast with all these visitors as did the parents.    Our family is big, multi-ethnic and international... thank you God for spoiling us.

Our DTS team is now on outreach, their first week was spent working on installing a ceiling in our dining hall, under the expert eyes of their school leader Herve, who is also an excellent carpenter.  They are evangelizing here in Sarh before moving further afield, and have been seeing wonderful response.  Seeing students go out, teaching powerfully in the local churches, on fire for the Lord and bringing others to Him is what we are all about!

Walls are going up on our fourth building.  It’s been a blessing to make our facilities available for church groups and individuals for retreats, as well as to host our students in training programs.
HIGHLIGHTS- What a joy to see former staff and students stepping out:
#Congo-Brazzaville- Our spiritual son and dear friend Celestin Ngaba  invited Moses to take a trip to Congo Brazzaville.  Ngab is pioneering a YWAM base in that Nation. Moses spoke at a Missions Seminar at the Brazza Baptist and at the first week of DTS.
#“Goz Beida”- Adele is planning a Summer of Service as a precursor to possibly running a DTS there in future and starting a Base
#Maro- Timothy has been among the unreached people Group RITO for a year now and the DTS will join him during their outreach.
# Crossroads DTS-Dina & Solkem will be joining our Staff this summer and will also help run a Summer of Service with Ferdinand and the current DTS students before they graduate.
We are so proud of our guys, but know the enormity of the pioneering challenges they face and will continue to face in establishing new works.

Over the last months, security concerns have weighed heavy on us as-
#Libya sank deep into anarchy
#Darfur clashes resumed in (Sudan,)
#South Sudan violence in Malakal  (where Moses visited and taught at new YWAM Base  a few years ago,)
#Central African Republic still unstable.
#'CharlieHebdo'  riots in Niger.
#Boko Haram around Lake Chad.
It was stretching to release Moses to travel  to Congo Brazzaville and Spain as trouble threatened to spill over into Chad, but God renewed our courage and travels went well, Chad has been affected on Islands and villages near  Lake Chad  but containment has been swift. We are thankful.
#Please pray with us for peace and stability in our region.
#Also pray with our as a family and ministry as we prepare for upcoming transitions.

Thank you for your friendship and prayers! 
- Moses, Jo, Josh, Zack, Marianne & Katelyn

Sunday, January 4, 2015

International Adventure

    We had two major outreaches in 2014 adding up to 5 months of students and workers on the field.  It was our first prolonged field service since we started and we are both stoked and a bit weary as a Team to say the least.  We are grateful to Him who makes it all possible and to you our faithful intercessors and partners.

   The unreached areas are exciting but challenging.  Many chose Jesus and others got deliverance and healing from varied oppression and bondage's.  One of our teams across in the neighboring country was arrested and detained for couple of hours.  After being grilled they were told that for security reasons they cannot proceed.  They ended up sharing the gospel with the police who provided transport back to next major town.  That particular team was composed of teachers, church elders and a pastor.  Since then one of the teachers also has an acting pastoral role of a church.  We pray that they will make a difference in the Education arena. 

  Our family also has had an international adventure as we traveled stateside and visited family, friends and partnering churches.   Highlights included Moses and Jo participating in N. Africa YLeadership consultations and Staff conference in which our co-worker Elie was able to participate.  Moses led workshops on Pioneering and development.

  A misadventure we had was the loss of Moses travel documents in Torremolinos at the hotel where we stayed noted on departure day.  We searched and asked in every possible nook and cranny but to no avail.  Some Co-workers in the region gave towards some of the unexpected expenses understanding that ticket and conference charges had stretched us thin.  Moses thinks it was Gods way to renew his heart for Europe.  
   Time spent in Madrid the capital in pursuit of emergency travel documents landed him in the midst of an international Gay Parade.  Lots of Goths and Wicans were prowling the streets at night.  On one night at the hotel a tormented child kept him awake from 10pm to 3am when he decided to pray and the child kept quiet after 5 mins of prayer.   
  Spiritual darkness covers the land and the need to engage in love and prayer to push it back is tangible and there are few laborers on the frontlines.

  Back in the US we had two Seminars on Identity at two locations inspired by the outreach teams that served us so well earlier this year from Encounter Church & Harvestview Fellowship.  What a joy to be able to see the same transformation we see continually in the Sahel also happen with the beloved in Lancaster County, PA
  We returned to Chad and hit the ground running with teaching on DTS and construction.   Moses then flew to Chicago to teach a perspective on World Missions Course and participate as one of the speakers in a C3 Missions conference.  We  are humbled by God's blessings & presence at all those meetings.  

  One of Moses long standing desires is to visit and encourage missionaries we have been privileged to train on the field.  We had been able to do that Stateside and in different Africa Locations but not Europe.   This November he was able to do some Pastoral visits in France, visit former students in Switzerland and catch up with friends in Germany & Austria.  There were occasions to minister to families and a church Bible study in Both Germany and Austria.  There is still Asia and in particular India to visit and see what God is doing with former students and colleagues.  We had the joy of visits by both our missionary to India & our missionary to CAR...

  Back in Sarh we graduated a Bible Core Course  just before Christmas and the 2 graduating students were exemplary.   We had over 200 hundred people come celebrate in our unfinished hall.  Step by step we are moving forward but continually need prayers. 

Prayer Points
  • Our staff are recruiting for next year's February DTS and July Summer Crossroads DTS and need volunteer logistics staff, school staff and of course students to prepare for the harvest.  
  •  Margaret our valued nurse and staff member who led the BCC school has left to go study SBS 2 & 3, we will miss her but bless her time of furlough and study.
  • Our construction has slowed down a bit since the rains and hasn't picked up yet.  We need to buy a truckload of gravel and 20000 bricks for our fourth building. 
  • Our contractor is a plaintive at the justice and needs time to sort it out before he can be fully available again. 
  • Our neighboring nations all have internal conflict related to fundamentalists... we have just finished the 4th year with no civil conflict in Chad.  May God help us to make the most of what we have in sharing the Gospel and overflowing beyong our borders with peace that passes Human understanding.