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Saturday, September 12, 2020

Celebrating Friends during COVID19


Dear friends

Lockdown came with a lot of good but also with some tears. Now it is mostly lifted as infection numbers reduce and we are free to travel out of Nairobi city and meet up with people. We are however encouraged to still take precautions. The curfew (9PM to 5AM) remains and schools are only operating online with the possibility of reopening if the infection rate continues dropping as it has been over the last few weeks.


Moses among the Maasai

 One thing we’re thankful for in this time has been the ability through technology to keep in touch with those we have discipled, as well as friends. A highlight for Moses was reconnecting with Dan, a friend from his early time in missions reaching out among the Maasai in southern Kenya near the Tanzania border. Dan traveled with our outreach team for two months on outreach and later trained with YWAM. Since then, he has planted many churches and is now a theologically trained Bishop overseeing over 100 churches. He attributes his ministry zeal to the YWAM outreach training experience. So you can understand our excitement that in Chad, the DTS finished their Lecture phase and paused due to lockdown but when the lockdown was lifted they went on outreach. We were able to contact them in the Djoli zone of Manda National Park. Pastor Herve, who is on our leadership, and our dear friend Sarah are part of the outreach. Pray with us for their fruitfulness and security as the area can be a bit volatile.


Rest in peace

   Tears came as we lost one valuable team member in Chad, Myrom Collette, and could only join the grieving from afar through phone and WhatsApp calls. All our leaders in Moyen Chari province were able to attend the funeral. In spite of her long fight against breast cancer and sickle cell disease, her joyful and supportive disposition always shone through, and she was a much loved member of our team family. This bereavement coming  after the loss in February of a dear friend who was the Biblical Studies leader and collaborator in Madagascar was hard to process but God is faithful and we would appreciate your prayers. Moses also assisted on a home visit for a grieving family and brought a word of comfort, and we are thankful for God’s presence in a trying time. We are also grateful for the recovery of dear friends from Covid-19; a family that Moses discipled 25 years ago. We continue to walk alongside families impacted by these uncertain times. On the local church front, Moses continues to liaise with local churches to come alongside those most impacted economically as well.


After a few weeks off in August, the kids are back in school (online) again for the next two months and will complete the school year at the end of October. Although the national ministry of education has made the decision that all students will repeat this grade level next year, (since the vast majority of students here in Kenya do not have access to online school, and have missed most of this year) we are trusting God for the time not to be wasted and that they will continue to learn and grow in wisdom and knowledge, even as they get taller and taller.  :-)  We have a milestone when Katelyn turns 13 in October, we’ll have four teens in the house.  Lots of laughs and noisy discussions…. and a huge grocery bill!


Thank you for your prayers and partnership.

Moses, Jo, Josh, Zack, Marianna & Katy.



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Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Crystallized Essential; LOVE

What really matters?

“Love the Lord your God with all your passion and prayer and muscle and intelligence—
and love your neighbor as well as you do yourself.”
(Luke 10:27-37 MSG)

The year 2020 began full of activity, the kids beginning a new school year, Moses traveling to Uganda and Tanzania to teach and impart his heart for missions to students in Discipleship Training Schools in Jinja and Kilimanjaro, and Jo’s days filled as usual with being mom-taxi, volunteering with the elderly and keeping up the home front. A special highlight in February was a visit from our sister in law Lea, on her way home to Wisconsin after a ministry time in Tanzania.

And then….. Like so many across the world, we’ve had to bring many things in our lives to a halt and adjust or adapt in how we do others.  The first case of COVID-19 here in Kenya was confirmed March 13th, and all schools were closed from the 16th.  Moses arrived back from Uganda a week later. We’re thankful he got here before they instituted mandatory quarantine at a a government facility, and before they closed the border! 

We’ve been reminded in many ways this year of our calling to love our neighbors, and are making the most of opportunities to be a blessing to others, even if it looks a bit different during this season. Technology has enabled the kids to continue their schooling online, as Moses taught students in the Mombasa DTS via Zoom, and Jo continues to facilitate a weekly women’s Bible study.  Moses has been mentoring young leaders and being a pastor to so many long-distance through video and teleconferencing calls. We continue to be involved in our local church and are thankful for them though its physical area is in lockdown. If nothing else, this time of stress and upheaval in our lives has crystallized what really matters.  We are deeply thankful for our family, more passionate than ever about being good neighbors, discipling others in their pursuit of the Father, and the fellowship, mutual encouragement, and building up that happens when we meet together, whether online or in person.

Please pray with us:
        For our leaders, health care (and other essential) workers, here in Kenya and all around the world as they are on the front lines of dealing with the covid-19 crisis, as well as the many who are sick or bereaved.
        For our kids as they study online, and for strengthening their relationships with God and each other.  Pray especially for Josh and Marianna, as they are in “exam” years of 12th and 8th grade, and facing a lot of academic pressure, which adds an extra layer of difficulty to the situation.
        For many here in Kenya who are facing economic hardship, especially those in the high density population areas who have no possibility of distancing themselves to prevent disease spread.
Until all have heard,
Moses & Jo, Josh, Zack, Marianna & Katelyn

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Saturday, December 14, 2019

Christmas Greetings


Who is God? How do we know Him? What can Deuteronomy teach us that applies to our lives today? Should I be afraid of the enemy? How can we as a local church manage our resources and look to God instead of man? These and more are questions Moses was discussing with young people in teaching opportunities these past few months. What a joy to help Christians grow deeper and reach higher in their faith.


Since Moses completed his Master’s Degree in June, (Congrats, Moses! We’re so proud of him!!) he’s traveled to Tanzania, Madagascar, and Uganda, as well as to the east and west of Kenya to minister in YWAM schools and churches near and far. Our passion is to continue to sow into the lives of young people and we’re so grateful for the opportunities that come our way to do just that. Many of the schools and churches which invite Moses to come to teach do not have the resources to pay for his airfares, and in combination with growing expenses for the kids’ education, we’ve found our budget quite stretched. As volunteers, our needs are met by people like you, who partner with us financially. We need to see an increase of support to meet our needs and request your prayers to that end. If you’d like to know how to set up a monthly gift, or specifics of our needs, please email us!


When YWAM Mwakang’ani invited Moses to teach for a week on spiritual warfare in their Discipleship Training School, it was an adventure for the whole family to go along and spend a week in the village in Shimba Hills at the coast of Kenya. Jo lived at this same ministry center when she first came to Kenya in the early 90s. The kids were able to jump right into village life, hanging out with the students and helping out around the property and garden. It was so wonderful to get to know the students and staff and see the continued nurture, growth, and outreach that is taking place there, as well as reminiscing and catching up with a few old friends.


November and December bring a long break from school for the kids. Lots of varied interests are emerging and growing, such as coding, watercolor, piano, guitar, soccer, and swimming, as well as reading lots of books. It’s a great joy to see, them growing up. Zachary especially is enjoying the break after a lot of hard work in the last few months preparing for the required exams before high school. We are thankful he did well and has been accepted at the same high school which Joshua attends.

Our prayer for you this Christmas is that your hope would be in Jesus, and your heart filled with faith, joy, and peace that only He can bring.
Merry Christmas!
Moses, Jo, Josh, Zack, Marianna & Katelyn

Email: mosesnjo(at)gmail.com Snail mail: PO Box 65815-00607, Kamiti, Kenya

Thursday, June 6, 2019

Graduations, Parties & Celebration

...being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus. Philippians 1:6

It’s that time of year when the calendars are full of graduations, parties celebrating accomplishments, Moms wondering how their babies have grown up so quickly, and young people moving on to the next step of their lives. We’re celebrating a few graduates of our own this year. In June, Moses completes his Master’s in Intercultural Studies from Fuller Theological Seminary. We’re all so proud of his hard work, and thankful

Moses with dear friends and coworkers in Togo

 for the tools he’s been given and for this opportunity which will definitely continue to yield fruit in ministry. Thank you to all who’ve encouraged, prayed and stood with us during this season!

Zachary is busy preparing for the national exams in November - which all students take at the end of primary school in order to get into high school, it’s a very stressful year for class 8 students and we’d appreciate your prayers for him as he is stretched, and meets the challenge! As we think about completion and new seasons, our prayer for you is that the dreams and goals God has given you will be brought to completion in His time - and that until then, you will continue to pursue them with all your heart.

Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up. Galatians 6:9

Serving refugees in Lancaster, PA for two months as part of his intercultural urban studies course was a rich experience for Moses, but we were all very happy to have him home again. The rest of us didn’t envy him the winter, but even the little time studies allowed him to spend with friends and family did make us a bit envious. ☺
Likoni DTS where we spent time studying Biblical Worldview

Since Moses’s return from the US, we’ve ministered both here in Nairobi and further away. After a week in Mombasa teaching on Biblical Worldview, Moses travelled to YWAM Togo to serve the School of Biblical Studies. In addition to teaching in the YWAM school, a highlight of his time was teaching in an evening class in the city of Lome, on the books of Amos and Joel, listening to God's heart for justice and mercy.

Evening Biblical Studies Class in Lome

The primary focus of our calling is teaching the Word in ways that will bring transformation – and we believe that while God transforms our hearts, he also transforms our minds and uses us to bring transformation to our communities and nations. In July and August, Moses will travel to Tanzania and in Madagascar, continuing to invest in the lives of young believers and missionaries.

As a family, life is full with school activities, lots of academics and computer work (Josh) swimming competitions to be won (Zack ☺ ) and crafts, cooking and time with friends (Marianna & Katelyn.) We are thankful. Thank you for the many ways you partner with us!

In Him,

Moses & Jo,
Josh, Zack, Marianna & Katelyn
PO Box 0791-399032, 00618 Ruaraka, Kenya

The foothills of Mount Kenya – from Zachary’s class trip there. Although the clouds and rain hid the Mount Kenya’s peak, they’ve been the cause of much rejoicing. Rains were very late coming, in addition to easing the farmer’s fears of drought, we’re all thankful for an end to the dust and heat.

Monday, March 18, 2019

Place of our own

The land you have given me is a pleasant land. What a wonderful inheritance! 
(Psalms 16:6 NLT)

Dear Friends,

We hope 2019 finds you well and enjoying the season you’re in!  Time is flying, the past several months have been so full, and we are grateful for God’s goodness throughout.

Chez Kariuki: Our return to Kenya after our visit to the US in August/September 2018 was hectic. We knew it was God’s time for us to move from our rented house into our own place. We had found a flat in a development we liked, about ten minutes from where we lived before.  Though the brand-new units were beyond our budget, we were offered one which had been used as an office for a better price with a promise to have it restored as new inside. The refurbishments took longer than anticipated and we made many trips to review repairs and consult on modifications.  We were finally able to move in the beginning of December, and although some things still need to be done, we are glad to finally be in a place of our own. We are trusting God to finish paying speedily and possibly get extra units for hospitality to ministers and restoration to those who need fresh orientation with God.

Ministry update: In December 2018, Moses made a trip to teach in Uganda at YWAM’s Biblical studies school. In addition to teaching in the school, he spoke at both their community and staff meetings and spent time with staff helping evaluate the past year and envision the coming season. The highlight was breaking bread with staff at the end of year thanksgiving service. Back in Kenya there was opportunity to serve at the local prisons and minister to over a thousand inmates while speaking at the “Prisoners Journey Discipleship” graduation. Moses also participated in our local church denominational national evaluations process. In spite of finishing up the term the very week that we moved in December, we are thankful his end of term exams and papers went well.

After a very busy December, Moses flew out on New Year’s Eve to the US for an eight week internship. He worked with refugees, through Church World Service in Lancaster, PA for his Urban Studies course. He is looking ahead to completing his Master’s degree in June. We are thankful for the God’s protection and providence over all of us during that longer than usual time of being separated as a family.  Although things went smoothly at home, and Moses really enjoyed his internship and relationships with refugees, we’re all happy to be together again from the beginning of March 2019.

In April, Moses heads to Togo, West Africa to teach for a week in the school of Biblical Studies and in the Urban Biblical Studies in the Capital city Lome.  We are enjoying the opportunities God gives us to love those around us and the farther away relationships as well, impacting the nations through His life and word.

In addition to taking care of home and family, Jo continues to be part of a weekly ladies Bible study which she also occasionally facilitates. She has been both blessed and stretched with impromptu hospitality in our new home to various visitors and big groups including the work crew and Moses’s extended family. We are happy our hospitality dream is already sprouting and growing.  She also recently enjoyed volunteering at a nearby nursing home and hopes to continue ministry there on a regular basis.

Family: The children are making friends at our new neighborhood, connecting with school friends who live close by and enjoying the common swimming pool in the development, as this is the hottest time of the year in Kenya. They began the new school year in early January and are now in grades 6,7,8, and 11.  They have worked hard in school and can now converse in Swahili and we are so thankful for that.   We celebrated three birthdays in February, Moses’ (we’ll have to have another celebration when he’s actually with us!!!)  Marianna’s 13th, and Zachary’s 15th.  Three teens in the house now, our home is full of life and noise and laughter, strong opinions and lots of discussions, some deep and some not-so-deep.

We continue to appreciate your continued love, prayers and financial support.  God has shown himself so faithful to us, and we are grateful to each and every one of you who have been a part of that.  Many Blessings,

Moses & Jo Kariuki ~Joshua, Zack, Marianna & Katelyn

Friday, September 14, 2018

Treasured Fellowship

Visiting Church Plant in Chad fun
It has been such a joy for our family to spend the last month here in the US, reconnecting with family and friends and sweltering in the August heat.  Favorite events, according to our kids, have been time with cousins in the mountains, youth group at Encounter, biking with their Uncle, and lots of swimming.  
Cousin Fun

For the grownups in the family, we’ve treasured the times of fellowship, both lighthearted fun and deep sharing with loved ones here.  We are so privileged to have such a wealth of friendships both here in the US and spread across the globe.

As we head back to Kenya, we’d like to share a few challenges we’re facing and ask that you continue to stand with us.  Our heart and calling has always been to see workers challenged and equipped to take their place in the Kingdom.  We are especially excited about seeing on fire young people in Africa being trained and sent out.   

Since we’ve relocated to Kenya, this has meant a lot of teaching invitations for Moses, both in the international body of Christ and in many YWAM locations across Africa, and consequently, a lot more airfares.

Sharing with PA Youth

At the same time we’ve been feeling a desire to purchase a home in Nairobi, as a base for our family and to serve others in ministry and hospitality.  This is a vision that is pretty much beyond us, with increased living expenses in Kenya already stretching our budget.

Malaysia Ministry
As you know, we are volunteers in ministry and God has been incredibly faithful to meet both our family and ministry needs through a few committed churches, and many faithful individuals over the years.  We’re asking Him to provide a significant increase in our regular support, as our area of influence is expanding and our children are growing up.   

If you would like to be part of our sending team, giving info is on the left side column, and you can always drop us a line @ mosesnjo(at)gmail.com if you have questions or want to chat more.


Moses & Jo,
Josh, Zack, Marianna &Katy